Supercharged Xbox Console HDMI 500GB Custom BIOS *FREE GAME*

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What is a “Supercharged” or “Boosted” console?

These are consoles that come pre-modified by us, they have various modifications installed that make them a little cooler than stock.


What has been modified on this console?

You know what makes something more manly, and by extension YOU more manly?!? superchargers!!1

Here we have a bonafide.. genuine.. Supercharged Xbox console, that’ll put som lead in ya pencil!



  • Internal HDMI mod, with 5.1 surround support
  • Custom BIOS (EVOX-480p Forced*)
  • 500GB HDD
  • Standard black edition (More colours soon)


Whats in the box?

  • Supercharged Console¹
  • AU/NZ Power lead
  • HDMI Lead (1m)
  • Free Physical Retail Game (No sports titles)
  • 6 Month Warranty
*Stock PAL ANZ Xbox consoles run in 480i, this BIOS forces a 480p video output. However not all PAL versions of games support 480p, for these titles they will still display as normal, just won’t be as crisp (they will run in 480i). This is due to the nature of interlaced video being converted to progressive scan.
¹Due to the age of this system, cosmetic condition may vary between units sold. 


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