PS4 HDMI Port Repair



This is a repair service, to have your console repaired by us please contact us via email or our contact page.


This page says the “product” is out of stock, we are simply using this page to advertise the price.

Repair orders are handled directly with us over email or in person. 🙂


This service is to repair a faulty HDMI port on your Playstation 4, PS4 Slim or PS4 Pro console.

Sometimes a damaged port will also damage the HDMI Encoder, it’s a little microchip that makes sure all the 1’s and 0’s behave as they traverse your HDMI cable and into your television.

If both your HDMI port and the encoder need replacing, the price will be a little more than quoted here.


We typically use connectors manufactured by Molex, they are a more durable design compared to the cheap ones Sony originally used (they have the same footprint just the pins are ‘potted’, stopping them from being pushed back and breaking).


Can I purchase just the connector and replace it myself?

You can if you like 🙂 It is a little tricky if you don’t have a good hot air rework station though 🙁

The pcb has very big ground planes, which makes soldering difficult (the board sucks away the heat fast)

Good tools, good multicore solder, some flux and time is all you need 🙂


Help, I bought a cheap connector on ebay and ripped some pads off trying to fix it myself and the cheap ebay connector kicked my dog!

Nothing wrong with wanting to trying to fix something yourself, don’t feel bad 🙂

Send us your console and well fix it up for you! If the repair doesn’t take much longer than usual, well just charge the same rate as we do for ‘normal’ jobs. 🙂

Also we hope your dog is ok! :O (poor dog 🙁 )


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