Free McBoot – Plug & Play Ps2 Modchip


FMCB is a plug and play modchip of sorts for your Playstation 2 console.

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FMCB is a plug and play modchip of sorts for your Playstation 2 console.

What it can do:

  • Allow you to run home-brew applications
  • Play most games from a USB (using the correct Home-Brew)
  • Play backups of your games (using specially patched backups)
  • Play emulators of old systems, like NES and MegaDrive (Home-Brew)

What it can’t do:

  • Does NOT support the late model of the SCPH-90000 series, PS2TV (PX300-1), DEX (DebugStation/TEST) consoles that do not support MagicGate file decryption and the TOOL unit.The unsupported DEX consoles include the DTL-H100xx and DTL-H300xx series consoles. The DTL-T10000(H) TOOL unit is not supported.As for the PlayStation 2: the late model of the SCPH-90000 series has ROM v2.30, which lacks a working update function. It is believed that such consoles are R -chassis models.There is also the PlayStation 2 TV (PX300-1), which comes with ROM v2.50. Like with the late SCPH-90000, it lacks a working update function.
  • Play pressed (retail) import games, that aren’t the same region as your console. This is a limitation caused by the optical drive (in a sense), this is the case where you NEED a hardware modchip to bypass this protection.
  • Make you toast.. I mean.. you can TRY but I don’t think that will end well!


What do you get:

  • 1- high quality 8MB PS2 memory card, with FMCB installed at no extra cost.

The price we charge is for the memory card, it’s the same price we sell BLANK cards for. FMCB is free software, we are not hiding that fact. Not everyone has the ability to make these cards, that is why we sell them 🙂

All cards are brand new and fully tested for errors, we only sell cards with high quality flash memory. There are a lot of duds out there 🙂

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